Looking for deceased relative in Israel, probably Hadera? #general

Jake Jacobs

I am looking for my grandmother's cousin, Ghizela/Ella POLAK, who is listed in my
grandmother's address book as "Ella Pollak (Havas), living in Hadera. Havas is my
grandmother's maiden name. Ghizela may have been Havas, may have been Hochwald
before she married. Probably born 1914 in Romania, in/near Arad.

Address book lists address of Sikun Sela 2. I have written to this address several
times, and mail is returned as addressee unknown. Is there any way to find her
family? Directories, phone books, obituaries? unfortunately I speak/read no Hebrew.
Several kind people have tried to help in the past, and we got nowhere. I don't
think I previously asked about directories or obituaries. Would appreciate any
assistance. Thank you!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

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