Shifris, Volodarsky, or Yelskiy (El'Skiy) from Bela Tserkov #general

Eugene Goryunov <egoryunov@...>

Greetings. I have relatives with the last names:

Shifris, Volodarsky, or Yelskiy (El'Skiy) >from Bela Tserkov

I have been unable to find records or any archives to help me with historic
research. Please let me know if you have any information.

Kindest regards.

Eugene Goryunov
Chicago, IL USA

Researching (most >from the Ukraine):
Goryunov, Vorobyov, Garanin
Isod, Peisakhin
Kleyman, Shifris, Yelskiy
Volodarsky, Lyubomsky
Skvirsky, Sheikhet
Khaskin, Kotlyar, Gorohovsky, Medovar

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