Rachel & Abraham KUTNER of Warsaw/Lynn, Mass and Selma KRANTZ #general

Jennifer Mendelsohn <jennifer@...>

Thank you so much for all the very helpful replies on my query about Beile Woland
of Wohyn's manifest. I'm overwhelmed with both the good will and amazing research
offered by so many of you.

I have now nailed down that Beile's brother-in-law was Abraham Kutner, who was born
in Warsaw in 1883 and was working in Lynn at a shoe factory and living at 180
Summer Street. He immigrated in 1909 via Canada. (He may have had a brother named
Kohnen Kutner? Father Solomon?)

Beile Woland was single in 1911, so her brother-in-law would have to be her
sister's husband, correct? Was brother-in-law sometimes not used literally? The
only piece of the puzzle that still doesn't make sense to me is that Abraham's
wife's name was Rachel, but that does not match the name of Beile's sister in
America, who was named Henia. I can assume that Henia changed her name to Rachel in
America, but am looking for confirmation/documentation. Absent that information, I
can't figure out how or if she is related to us. Rachel was still alive in the 30s,
divorced >from Abraham and living with her daughter Zelma in Maine. The family story
was that Henia died of cholera in America. I have not yet found birth or
immigration information on Henia Woland or Rachel Kutner, whether they are two
different people or the same. If anyone has any information on them, please let me

Also, Abraham and Rachel Kutner, according to the 1920 census, were living in
Revere Mass with Rachel's widowed sister, "Bessie Krantz" and her young daughter
Selma, who was born in about 1918 or 1919 in Rhode Island. (The census page is
quite faded, and those names are how they are listed on ancestry.com; it looks like
it could be Kravitz). I suspect that Bessie could be my Beile Woland of Wohyn, but
if those names are familiar to anyone, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has any idea what the next steps might be, I'd be appreciative. How
do I find RI birth certificates without knowing what city they were born in? How
might I find Beile/Bessie's marriage certificate >from Massachusetts, circa 1915?

Thank you so much.
Jennifer Mendelsohn
Baltimore, MD

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