Obits Look-ups, Please -- HELLER, Bronx NY #general

Rachel Heller Bernstein <natrab@...>

I am researching the Heller family and have come across 2 men named
Israel Heller, who were born with-in 2-3 yrs of each other and died
with-in 2 yrs of each other:
One died aged 77 on 5 Jun 1943 in Bronx, NY.
The other died aged 80 on 22 Feb 1945, also in Bronx, NY.

I would appreciate any obits, to help determine which Israel Heller
was the husband of Mary and the father of Gussie & Frieda. My next
step would be to order a copy of his death record, where hopefully,
his parents' names might be listed and it might also reveal where he
is buried.

Thanks, Rachel Heller Bernstein, Yerushalayim

HELLER: Krakow (Kazimierz), Tarnow/ USA
FREY: Poland: Nowy Sacz, Labowa, Rzeszow/Austria: Wein/ Sweden, USA
DANZYGERs - Nowy Sacz / maybe Tarnow
TRAURIG: Nowy Sacz, Labowa/ NYC /Haifa (TOREN), Ma'agan Michael (LERECH)
DERSIEWICZ or DERSHOWITZ: Nowy Sacz, Labowa, Tarnow, USA
DEUTELBAUM: Nowy Sacz, Krakow, Tarnow/ NY

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