Court Files for Adolf Wolkofsky; Chicago, IL, ca. 1918 #general

Arnon Hershkovitz

Hello, Dear JG Colleagues.

I'd appreciate your advice on a court-related research, during which
we - a cousin of mine and myself - hit a brick wall.

Adolf/Adolph Aaron Wolkofsky (my great-great uncle; born 1870, Galati,
Romania, lived in Chicago, IL and in Brooklyn, NYC, died 1924 in
Brooklyn) was accused of some charges, among of which are: operating a
confidence game; larceny in connection with Illinois Loan Company; and
embezzling. He was held to a grand jury, and at least one of his court
files involved bankruptcy.

These details are reported in a series of Chicago Tribune and Chicago
Examiner articles dated early 1918. >from the articles, we know that
Adolf ran away >from Chicago to his sister in Brooklyn, NYC, where he
was arrested ans was brought to the court in Chicago, IL. State's
Attorney, Maclay Hoyne, opened the investigation against Adolph
Wolkofsky in January 1918.

Involved Parties in one or more of the court files include Adolf's
lawyer, Leonard Wissman; plaintiffs Louis Chavin and Adolph (Aaron)
Weiner; federal court Judge George A. Carpenter; municipal court Judge
John R. Newcomer; State's Attorney Maclay Hoyne; Assistant State's
Attorney Charles Chase; Assistant State's Attorney Max Biederman;
victim Mary Pauzamsky and her lawyer, Irving G. Zazove.

The court files of these cases might shed some new light on the family
history, as 3 of Adolf's children had testified against the other
plaintiffs, and as the very existence of a Brooklyn sister is still a

Crucial to this story is the fact that Adolf's son was born in June
1920 (in Brooklyn), and that Adolf had lived as a free person in the
early 1920s (in Brooklyn). So, if he was jailed, it must have been for
a relatively short period of time.

Contacting the National Archives in Chicago, IL, had resulted in a
non-finding of any federal or state court file for Adolf. A query to
the Circuit Court of Cook County Archives had also resulted with a

So, the main question I'd like to address is: Where else could Adolf
Wolkofsky's court files be found?

Thanks in advance for any help,
Arnon Hershkovitz
Harrison, NY

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