Itsko, Aizyk: Russian Patronym #general

Bob Fitterman

I'm looking at some Russian 1897 census data for my family and noticed
that my grandmother's patronymic was Itskavich and her mother's
patronymic was Aizykovich. Each of their fathers were named Yitzhak in
Yiddish. I'm curious if anyone can shed light on how one or the other
might have gotten assigned/chosen at that time in history. Was there
any distinction between the two as names (as in Ike, Itz or Isaac
being used in 20th century America). Aside >from dealing with
government officials, was their any reason to use the patronymic
within their shtetl community? They lived in Grodno Gubernia in what
is now Belarus.


Bob Fitterman
New York City

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