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[...] My grandfather was born
in London in the 1880's and his name was John Aarons. I have not been
able to find any references to him at all. He was a shoe manufacturer,
as I believe his father was. He migrated to Australia at some stage,
early 1900's and changed his surname to Amos. [...]
Look for him in censuses and identify his father.

( and have censuses - both charge.
In the UK, many public libraries have subscriptions to one or other.)

The 1901 census will have him as a young adult, and you may be able to
distinguish him >from others of the same name by his occupation, and
thus find his birth family.

If his father is there, look for the birth of his father in (FreeBMD). If you have identified the given name
of his mother, look for a possible marriage in FreeBMD, and then for
her birth, once you know her surname.

For some information, it may be necessary to order and pay for birth
and marriage certificates - FreeBMD has links.

If you can find the names of ancestors that appeared in the 1851
census, check

If you can find someone in a census, track them through other
censuses, in case other information is there (e.g. an uncle happens to
be visiting.)

soc.genealogy.britain should be approached for help with any of the

Cecilia Nyleve

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