A new book: Selected Lectures on Genealogy: An Introduction to Scientific Tools, Ed. Daniel Wagner #general

Ami Elyasaf

We are happy to have on our shelf a new book entitled: SELECTED
Professor Daniel Wagner >from the Weizmann Institute of Science
(Rehovot, Israel).

Prof. Wagner is a member of the International Institute for Jewish
Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center (iijg).

This book is primarily designed as a introductory guide in the form of
a collection of basic articles, and can be used as a reference to find
scientific methods suitable to a genealogical pursuit. The aim of the
book, which should be appropriate for self-teaching, is to prepare the
student genealogist for a basic understanding of the scientific
operations relevant to genealogical problems, and to enable him/her to
communicate successfully with scientists in case help is needed. In
this respect, this book is the first of its kind.

It seems inevitable today that selected scientific tools belonging to
the 'hard' sciences should be part of a future curriculum in the
teaching of genealogy. Research in modern genealogy will not progress
and develop without them. Many more topics exist beyond the set of
papers presented in this booklet, which could have been included and
may appear in a future update.

link: http://www.iijg.org/Publications/Publications.aspx

Emanuel Elyasaf
IIJG Executive Director

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