Re: Dutch Police Records #general

André Günther

A few years earlier he was sent to jail for three months (cellular imprisonment)
because of burglary and begging.

The Leeuwaardener Courant writes on 24.09.1875 (page 9, column 2): (more details)

Andre "Anderl" Guenther Munich Germany

Von: Joel weiner <>
I found a significant relative (Hirsch Endewelt) listed in:
Algemeen politie-band van het koningrijk der Nederlanden. Uitgegeven op last van
den Minister van Justitie, Gravenhage, 1879. VERWIJKDRDE VREEMDELINGEN (zie bladz.
1471, no. 1185 van 1879); berigt van den ambtenaar van het openbaar ministerie bij
he kantongeregt te Deventer, van 21 Febr.

"General police sheet of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Published by
order of the Minister of Justice, The Hague, 1879. (Removed Aliens) See p. 1471,
No. 1185 of 1879), news of the official of the prosecutor dur side non justice in
Deventer, 21 Febr.

I would like to get all the information that might be in the referenced document or
other official files. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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