Re: Birth, marriage, death records for Brody - LDS films #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Joyce Eastman writes:

"Is it possible that some birth, marriage and death records for
Brody, Poland were actually recorded in the LDS films for Lviv or
Tarnopol? I have reviewed the suggested LDS microfilms for Brody
and have not yet found the birth record I am seeking for my paternal
grandmother (Sime Bruche Helfer) born in 1880, any of her siblings
(currently unknown), nor her parents (Judith Helfer and Aron Zinkower).
Surely my paternal grandmother would have had some older siblings. "

Have you checked the All Galicia Database (AGD) at: or via Gesher Galicia's home page:

There are 58 ZInkowers and 128 Helfers listed for Brody on the AGD.
The complete set of vital records >from Brody which are held in the
Lviv Archives have been indexed and the information included in this

If you expand your search to include the Lviv/Lwow records on the All
Galicia Database you will find more with your surnames, although
unless the family had moved to Lviv (or Taranopol) vital record events
would not have been recorded there. Nevertheless, families moved a
great deal during that time period and a move to a neighboring village
would mean expanding your search to other towns.

Gesher Galicia is also adding other types of records to the AGD
including landowner, school, voter, tax and magnate records...which
means more opportunities to find your relatives even if you come up
short with vital records. We don't yet have them for every town, but
more are added monthly so keep checking back. To read about the
Galician Archival Records Project go to;

Pamela Weisberger
President & Research Coordinator
Gesher Galicia

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