Disna District 1888 Family List #general

Howard Margol

About 10 days ago, I posted a message about the newly translated Disna
District 1888 Family list. I received an overwhelming response and a
number of researchers ended up qualifying and received a copy of the entire

Some researchers were not willing to look at the list without first
knowing if their ancestral surname was included in the FL. I now have an
alphabetical list of the surnames and will be glad to send it to anyone who
contacts me directly and not to the digest.

Following is a hypothetical question about one of the entries on the list, and
my explanation. This question, and my answer can apply to many other lists as
well. I think you will find it very interesting as well as helpful in your own

The question - For one of the entries in the 1888 FL, column L says registered
in Luzhki JC, lived in the tavern >from 1860 and column Q says Lozino tavern,
Plissa area. Is JC Jewish Community? Does this entry suggest that they were
registered in Luzhki but lived in an area called "Lozino Tavern" near Plissa?
Does it mean they actually lived in a building that was a tavern?

My explanation.

JC is the abbreviation for Jewish Community and is commonly used by the
archivists in the archives.

The individual listed in the 1888 FL lived in the Lozino Tavern, near
Plissa >from 1860 to at least 1888. He was registered in the Luzhki Jewish
Community which is an indication he may have been born there.

A Jewish Tavern was kosher and was actually a small hotel with a bar
selling liquor. Some Jews lived in the Tavern for months, or even years.
Some Jews, particularly traders who traveled, may have spent one or two nights
there. The main customers for the liquor, were the Gentiles who lived in
the area.

Since the individual lived in the Tavern for at least 28 years, he may have
been an employee or possibly the owner. Anyone wishing to know the exact
location of Plissa in Belarus, should go to

When Plissa appears in the results, hold your cursor over the Plissa and
additional information will appear.

This record is an example of the great importance of the Disna District
1888 Family LIst. It does not include the large towns or villages in the
district but only includes the tiny villages, Taverns, Estates, Mills, etc.
Records of ancestors can be found on the list who are not listed on the
major revision or family lists.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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