Four more newspapers add to the Historical Jewish Press Website #general

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

This collection is a great place to look for personal announcements in
addition to persons appearing in news articles or ads.

Here are the four newspapers that they have added in the last two months:

Der Moment
Place of Publication: Warsaw (Poland)
Years of Publication: 1910-1939
Years Available on Site: 1910-1924
Frequency: Daily

Place of Publication: Moscow (Russian Empire; Russian Republic; Soviet Russia)
Years of Publication: 1916-1918
Years Available on Site: 1916-1918
Frequency (changed over the years): Weekly (1916-1918); daily (1917-1918).
During the period in which ha-Am appeared on a daily basis, the weekly
edition served as a supplement to the daily paper.

The Palestine Bulletin 1925-1932

Information Juive
Place of Publication (varied throughout the years): Algiers, Algeria;
Paris, France
Years of Publication: 1948-present
Years available on the website: 1948-1977
Frequency: Monthly

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