Seeking family of Aaron ZAKS #general


Good morning,
I am searching for information about my father, Aaron ZAKS, born in 1926 to
Izik and Sarah in Klobutsk, Poland. He is the only survivor of his family.

He married Tosha Yurista in Germany in 1946. They immigrated to Palestine
in 1947, after being interned in Cyprus by the British for almost a year.

He had 4 cousins, Ya'kov, Heshek, Manyek and Edja (Zaks) who are now deceased.

Aaron was killed in the line of duty in the Sinai war (1957). We have
no information about his family. I have submitted requests for a
search about his family to Allgenerations, JewishGen and the
international Tracing Service in Germany. Thank you for posting this

Malka Chosnek

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