UK Extracted Probate Records #general

Toby Bird

I'd like to second Ann Rabinowitz's calling your attention to the UK
Extracted Probate Records. Just in the last few days I've found two
very helpful records >from this collection. When I get discouraged
trying to search for my family in Lithuania, as a "diversion" I've
started constructing a tree of my husband's father's family - he came
from England, the records are in English and there are plenty of them.
But the problem is there are many people with exactly the same names
so, for example, it took a bit of sleuthing to be sure I had the right
Abraham Jacobs when I came across a death date. A list >from Probate
Records on Ancestry listed an Abraham Jacobs Esq whose effects were
under 9000 pounds who died on July 22 1875. I had the right Abraham
Jacobs: two of his sons, Simon and Edward whose names I have on my
tree "proved at the principal registry" that they were who they were
and/or he was who he was and must have laid claim to their
inheritance. The entry gave the address of the deceased and of both
sons and their occupations: fruit salesmen, the same that is listed on
census data I have collected.

The second one I found filled in some very interesting information.
Abraham Jacobs' granddaughter, Rosetta, married Lawrence Henry
Bloomfield and then I could not find a census after 1891. But I did
find a ship's manifest >from October of 1927 that showed she boarded a
ship for Southampton >from Durban, S.A. I was surprised to see that she
was traveling alone. Then I found a Probate Record for her husband
where it was recorded that Lawrence Henry Bloomfield of Third-Avenue
Parklands Nairobi, Kenya died on April 6, 1927. Probate was filed in
England by the widow, Rosetta Bloomfield in Dec. 1927. Now I know why
I couldn't find them in a census after 1891 and why she was traveling
alone >from Africa to England in October, 1927.

In the words of Phyllis Kramer: "Happy hunting."

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