Brainstorming on Teaching Jewish Genealogy at the University Level #general

Ami Elyasaf

The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy (IIJG) would like to
invite all university faculty members of Jewish Studies in the Greater
Boston area to participate our brainstorming session:

Tuesday August 6 6:30PM - a free-ranging discussion on how teaching
Jewish Genealogy at the university level and on how Jewish Genealogy
can be promoted in the academia in general.

This session is a part of the 33rd IAJGS International Conference on
Jewish Genealogy, August 4-9, at the historic Boston Park Plaza Hotel
(Thoreau Room, 4th Floor)

IIJG is a scholarly research center, located at the Israel National
Library in Jerusalem, that seeks to advance the status of Jewish
Genealogy within the realm of Jewish Studies. Since its establishment
in 2006, it has sponsored 12 original research projects and has also
elaborated detailed Academic Guidelines for BA and MA courses in
Jewish Genealogy (see the IIJG Website at <>).

Hoping that you will join us (RSVP would be appreciated, and required
for those that will come to this session only).

Emanuel Elyasaf
IIJG Executive Director

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