Where to find information while visiting Riga #general

Susan Bromberg <skbromberg@...>

I am going to be traveling >from the US to Riga in about 10 days (July
30-Aug 2) My grandparents were born in Riga and left for the US at the
turn of the last century when they were young children. I have a rather
detailed genealogy of my grandmother's family, beginning with her grandparents,
but I know very little of my grandfather's family. My grandfather's parents
died when he was very young and they never immigrated to America, so I assume
they died in Riga. I am wondering what, if anything, I could find out about
my grandmother's or grandfather's family in Riga that I could not get
on the web. My grandmother's parents' surnames were Glazer and Yankelovich.
My grandfather's surname was Kahn.

Thank you.
Susan Bromberg
Milwaukee, WI USA

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