FRIEDLAND(ER) From Belarus #general

Samuel Gelfand

hello Genners,
I'm sure others have encountered greater difficulty in researching Belarus
ancestors as compared to Lithuanian or others. Recently by Family Search genetic
testing I have made contact with an almost certain second couisin (FRIEDLAND(ER));
connection at the great grandparent level. She has in her possession a near
illegible copy of a 1935 letter to her grandmother FRIEDLAND >from a Harry FRIEDLAND
in Durban, South Africa written on stationery of A.L.BEINASHOWITZ, Wholesale Woolen
Merchant. Is anyone a descendant of, or have knowledge of, this family. ? It is
my understanding that only a small percentage of Jewish South African immigrants
were >from Belarus and believe this is also true for the FRIEDLAND surname.
Hopefully, someone can provide me with information that will lead to that elusive
"crack in the wall".

Sam Gelfand
Lewiston NY

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