A new website for Vilnius Internal Passport Records #general

Howard Margol

A new shutterfly web site for Vilnius Internal Passport records is now available.
To date, 9,080 records have been translated.

During Lithuania independence, 1919-1940, everyone in Vilnius had to apply for an
internal passport. Also during that time, Vilnius was part of Poland and not
Lithuania. Some of those who received an internal passport were born in Vilnius.
However, a large percentage were born elsewhere, including a large number >from
Belarus and parts of Poland.

If you go to the site, you will see a small sample of surnames that appear in
those records. You will notice where they were born, including Belarus and Poland.
Most of the site is available at no charge. To see the translated Vilnius I.P.
records, special arrangements have to be made.

An additional 35,000 Vilnius I.P. records remain to be translated.

The site also includes an index of 97,000 I.P. records for other places in
Lithuania that have been translated. For those interested in records for a
particular district, you can contact the district coordinator at
http://www.litvaksig.org/districtresearch and/or

Howard Margol
Founder - Coordinator - Lithuania Internal Passport Project
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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