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Phyllis Kramer

Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
The current spelling of my surname is Shterenlikht.My dad, who now lives in
germany, spells it as Sternlicht. My granddad was born in Ukraine, so it must be
Yiddish. It got transliterated quite a bit, Yiddish -> Russian, Russian -> English
with different rules, Russian -> German.Anybody has this surname?
Anybody knows anybody with this surname? need to take the next steps, and with JewishGen it is easy. Everything
starts on our Home Page..

1.First click on the database oval on the get to our list of
2. Next, go to our researcher database, (JGFF), click on Search, type
in sternlicht, then sterenlicht and look at the other 30+ researchers
who are interested in the those who you think might
3.While you are there, add your surname so that folks can find you!
4. Next, go to our discussion group archives (both the Ukraine SIG and
the General Discussion List) and see if anyone has posted with your
surname in the last 20 years.
5. Lastly I'd suggest you research the Ukraine country database to see
if there are any "hits" on Sternlicht or sternenlicht (many of the
spelling changes can be accounted for, if use our default... the DM
soundex .......for all our searches).

note too that the name may well be German (if your ancestors came from
a town that was Galicia, but is now Ukraine) rather than Yiddish. The
key that you have not shared with us, is what town and what is its
history. For that, go to our communities database and enter the town
name, then study its history, the map, the adjacent towns, and follow
all the links we supply for it. If it was Galicia, and>from the sound
of it, i'm thinking it probably was, then also look at the galician
files on our Poland Country database...and check the Gesher Galicia
site also.

happy hunting...

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
VP, Education,
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