Registration in the Russian Empire #general

Rochelle Gershenow

I am confused as to when and where a person got registered. I had heard
that a male is registered where he is born.

I have been following an individual who was residing in Pryluky, Ukraine
when one of his children was born. The birth record says that he (the
father) was registered in Chernigov. The ship manifest for his emigration
to the US states that his last residence was Chernigov. His US
naturalization papers state, however, that he was born in Vitebsk, Russia

Rochelle Gershenow
Oxford, Connecticut

Searching: AGINSKY (Belarus); BERG (Galicia); CHAIKIN (Homyel, Belarus;
Priluki, Ukraine); COHEN (Galicia); FRUSHTICK (Galicia); GERIS/GERRISH
(Belarus); GERSHONOWITZ (Lithuania; USA); LANGDORF (Austria); LUBINSKY
(Lithuania); MERRIN (Belarus); PODNOS (Lithuania); PURINSON/PURINZON
(Priluki,Ukraine; Argentina; Brazil; Israel; USA); SLONIMSKY/SLONIM (Minsk,
Belarus; USA); SONDEK/SUNDOCK/SUNDACK (Vitebsk and Lutzin,Belarus; USA);

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