Re: Passenger manifests #general


Paul: On the Board of Special Inquiry page Moische is identified as
passenger #18 in Group 2.
On Ancestry, the sheet for Group 2 is image 699. There you will find
Moische, age 7 on line 18. He was traveling with what appears to be a 9
year old sibling, Benjamin who is crossed out on line 17 of the
manifest, i.e., did not sail on this voyage, The surname for Moische
(Mojsche) is dittoed in >from the line above, hard to read because of the
line drawn through it. Thus his name >from line 18 was never indexed
on Ancestry.

On the Stephen Morse One-Step Page he is indexed as Majsche ARMIAMEK.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 8/10/2013 9:55 PM, Paul Silverstone wrote:
I am looking for the arrival in NY of Moses Rumianek >from Makow, Poland.
On the manifest of the Friedrich der Grosse arriving on 21 Aug 1907 I
find him (I think) on page 132, line 4.
Mosche Rumanek "held for inquiry". The name is written over the
typed name "Aromanik".
Nowhere on the manifest of the ship does he appear. How could he be
held for special inquiry if he was not on that ship? He was about 10
years old.

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