demand of informations on the Netze area #general

Joachim Salinger

Hello, my name is Joachim SALINGER, i'm 35 years old, french and my
grand-father, Bernhard SALINGER, is born in Laskownica, nearby Szubin,
in Poland.

He was a German Jew, born in november 1902, as all his family >from
this area. His father was born in a little village called Liepe (now
Lipa, on the road between Nowy Dwor and Swoboda). I know that persons
of my family has also lived in Niekosken (now Niekursko), in Deutsch-
Krone (now Walcz), in Schönlanke (now Trzcianka), in Wronke (now
Wronki), and probably in other nearby locations.

I'll be in this area for 2 to 4 days around 20th August, and i would
ask you if there is a possibility to have some informations about the
jewish remains (cemeteries, synagogs, jewish district) in this area
(Netze Kreis or Notec area).

I would like also ask you about the possibility to consult archives
and records of birth, marriage and death in thoses town and villages.
Where are they, who i need to contact, what approaches should I do

Finally, i'll be also very thankfull if you can give me some contacts
of people which can help me there : Guide, Historians, jew's
specialist, this kind of thing.

If you think you can help me directly, don't hesitate to contact me
and i'll give you more specific informations. Anyway, thanks for
having took the time to read me !
Paris, France -
JewishGen ID : 364076

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