SCHNEID in Solotwina, JUNG in Delatyn #general

arthur siegel


I'm looking for anyone with information about either the SCHNEID
family >from Solotwina in Ukraine, or the JUNG family >from Delatyn. My
great-great-grandmother, Taube Zauderer (nee Schneid) was from
Solotwina before moving to Porohy after she was married (this would
have been in the late 1880s I believe). She was connected to the Jung
family >from Delatyn somehow (her daughter Ryfke listed a Fischel Jung
from Delatyn as her cousin), but I am not clear about this. I have
noticed on the JRI-Poland database that there had been a Fischel and
Taube Jung >from the Nadworna area (they must have been born in the
early 19th century), and they had a daughter Ryfke. These are all
names in this branch of the family (Taube had children named Fischel
and Ryfke -- and her Ryfke was born only 2 years after Ryfke Jung
died), so there may be some connection.

At any rate, if anybody has possible relatives >from this area and
would be willing to share information, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance!

Arthur Siegel
Albany, NY


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