Subscribing to Jewish genealogy blogs #general

Emily Garber

Recently this forum posted a message >from me about my blog post
regarding Jewish genealogy bloggers who attended (and wrote about) the
IAJGS Conference.
[or --Mod.]

Several readers told me that they'd not previously known about these
bloggers. The ones I've listed are but a few of the Jewish genealogy
bloggers. To see a more full list, go to . Click on
the "Genealogy Blog Roll" tab and then put the word Jewish in the
search box. As of this morning, there are 36 Jewish genealogy blogs

Additionally, some people enjoyed some of the blogs I listed so much
that they have decided to subscribe to some of them via email. Most
blogs feature an RSS feed tab on the blog page that allows one to
subscribe that way.

Another alternative, particularly if one wishes to subscribe to
several blogs and doesn't want to be overwhelmed with emails, is to
use an aggregator program. Aggregators collect updates of blogs to
which one has decided to subscribe. One enters the URLs for the blogs
one wishes to follow. To view selected blogs, click on the aggregator
program and view whichever blog posts are of interest. One may look at
just post titles or just a few paragraphs. Most aggregators have
features one can select to customize one's viewing/reading experience.

I am currently using . To see summaries of that and others,
go to Lifehacker, which did a review of several options this past
[or --Mod.]

I find genealogy blogs, whether Jewish or not, a great educational
tool. There are several star bloggers out there who are both good
writers and excellent genealogists. One can learn quite a bit.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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