Varshavchik House in Kaunas #general

Mark Strauss

I found an amazing online site on Jewish Lithuanian culture that
includes a photograph of my great-great grandfather's house in Kaunas,
[or --Mod.]

According to the site, F. Varshavchik's house was built for the Jewish
merchant Faivuch Varshavchik in 1866. The design was drawn by Simon
Gorskij. The construction work was never completed: once having
started to build a large warehouse-barn the owner must have run short
of funds to complete the residential premises. In 1990, the house was

The daughter of Faivuch Varshavchik was my great-grandmother,
Chaia/Golda/Ida Varshavchik, who married my great-grandfather Emanuel
Markel/Merkel >from Keidainiai, Lithuania. They immigrated to Boston in
the 1890's.

I would be interested in hearing >from anyone else connected to this
family. I'm especially interested in finding the family name of
Faivuch's first wife, my great-great grandmother.

Mark Strauss in NYC
Maternal Heritage: VARSHACHIK (Kaunas); BRODY/BRODIE (Vilnius/Zhezmer);
MERKEL (Keidainiai); Rausuk/Wolf (Vilkaviskis); Efroymson (Vilkaviskis)

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