Consider recording Jewish cemetery plots for JOWBR #general

Emily Garber

Just a thought to share. This is the time of year when many visit cemeteries to pay
respects to deceased ancestors. Consider checking on the JewishGen Online Worldwide
Burial Registry (JOWBR) before heading to the cemetery to see whether the plots
you'll be visiting have been photographed and placed online.

If the plots have not been photographed, consider taking a digital camera and
photographing all tombstones (if it won't bother your sensibilities) in one plot.

Before the Boston IAJGS a few weeks ago, I visited the Polonne Cemetery at the
Baker Street Cemeteries (which had been indexed on JOWBR, but not photographed). It
took me a little over two hours to photograph about 378 graves.

The time consuming part is transcribing/translating the tombstones and entering the
data on the JOWBR spreadsheet. If you're not adept at that kind of thing, you may
be able to find another researcher interested in the same plot who will help.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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