Re: Ship Manifests and Samuel Max SCHOENBERG #general


I learned very early on that many immigrants in my family (pretty much all of them,
actually) took on Americanized names shortly after they arrived in the U.S.

Just as Jeff Miller stated below, my grandfather Max SLONIMSKY was listed on the
ship manifest as Mordchi (sic). My other grandfather, Isidore (also Isadore)
SLATAS, was listed as Yitchak ZLATES.

The first initial is not always the same. For example, my great aunt Tillie
SLONIMSKY was listed as Dina Rive SLONIMSKY on the ship's manifest.

Barbara Sloan

From: "Jeff Miller" <singingtm@...>
My ancestor, shown as Mottel, or a variation thereof, in the ship manifest
(e.g. Motl, Motel, etc), was also known as Mordechai, and later selected Max
as his given name. The second name is often the one by which the immigrant
wishes to be known. You may wish to specify the beginning of the given name,
i.e., the first three letters, in conjunction with variations with wildcards
for the surname, to narrow down the search possibilities.

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