what could the Russian/Lithuanian town Radsewelsch be? #general


I am trying to find information about my ancestor Moses David ABRAMS who
immigrated to the United States in 1882. I recently found the following
Hamburg Passenger List on Ancestry:


You can find Moses Abrams on the page on the right-hand side, third line
from the top.
Ancestry transcribed the town he originated >from (his residence)as:

Radsewelsch, Russland (Russia)

However, I cannot find any town that resembles that name.

I've seen on another document that one of his daughters is listed as being
from Kovno, Lithuania. Now that could just have meant the region, not the
actual town, but I think it's reasonable to assume that he at least came
from Lithuania.
Can anyone try to decipher that word in the document?

I don't think it will help much, but here is the immigration record to the
United States (not so easy to read):


(He and his daughter Rebecca are just above the thick black line in the middle).

Thanks so much in advance,

David Curwin

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