Re: what could the Russian/Lithuanian town Radsewelsch be? #general

Susan Steeble

David Curwin wrote:

"Ancestry transcribed the town he originated >from (his residence)as:
Radsewelsch, Russland (Russia) However, I cannot find any town that
resembles that name.

I've seen on another document that one of his daughters is listed as being
from Kovno, Lithuania. Now that could just have meant the region, not the
actual town, but I think it's reasonable to assume that he at least came
from Lithuania. Can anyone try to decipher that word in the document?"
It looks like "Radsewelsch" to me, too. I searched the FallingRain
Gazetteer for place names that started with RADS- or RADZ- and found
Radzevelishki (now Radviliskis), a town that is just a few miles from
Kovno (Kaunas). It was likely named after the Radziwill family, which
was a prominent and extremely wealthy aristocratic family that owned
vast properties in Lithuania.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

Researching: FREEDHAND/FRIEDHAND/FRIEDGANT (Bershad, Ukraine > NY and CT,
Romania, France); KESSELMAN (Chorna/Krasny Okna, Ukraine > NY); KAHAN
(Grodno [now Belarus] > NY); STUCHINSKY (Yurburg and Taurage [now
Lithuania]); SLUTSKY/SLOTE (Kiev,
Ukraine > NY); BODNAR (Mihaileni, Romania > Israel); GELBER and
SCHECHTER (Bucecea, Tirgu Neamt, and Iasi, Romania > Israel

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