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Marilyn Robinson wrote on 03 sep 2013 in soc.genealogy.jewish:
On a Brody school report (1885), I saw two students' names written as:
Abrahamowicz, richtig Fischeles David
Paczuk, richtig Nakwoler Jacob

Does "richtig", as used, mean "recte"??

German richtig, and Latin rectus [adv.], recte [adj.] both mean:
correct[ly], proper[ly], actual[ly]

Not "legally".

On the same list another "Abrahamowicz used "recte" for his name:
Abrahamowicz recte Fischeles Markus Noah (possibly/probably a
brother/relative of David?????????)
It could very well be the opposite:

"Abrahamowicz" being just the civil ["legal"] name,
and Fischeles Markus [Marcus son of Fischel] the "proper" name in the
sense of the old, jewish, factual name.

fischel would mean "little fish".


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