Need Help Urgently: Proving Someone is Jewish #general

Michael Waas

Shana tova to all:

I am writing on behalf of a woman trying to get a visa to come to
Israel and study at the center where I work in Akko. She needs a MASA
Israel grant and they will not release the funds that they promised
her without confirmation of her Judaism. She is >from Zagreb, Croatia,
and >from what I can tell, her grandmother was Jewish and the Jewish
Community in Zagreb has confirmed her and her family as being a part
of the community. So far, I do not know much beyond that they are from
Zagreb and that her grandmother was Vera SARIC nee JELINEK. Vera's
parents were Josip JELINEK and Angela JELINEK nee REINER.

I hope to have more information soon. For anyone who can help me, this
would be such a mitzvah and I would be so very appreciative. I have
three birth certificates >from her showing her line up to her

All the best,

Michael Waas
Akko, Israel

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