Possible Jewish Ancestry for Hitler's Bodyguard's Wife #general

Mark Strauss

Dear Jewishgen,
In a September 6, 2013 Ney York Times obituary for Rochus Misch,
Hitler's bodyguard, it was suggested that his wife may have been of
Jewish descent. The article stated, "Mr. Misch's wife, Gerda, whom he
married in 1942, died in 1997. In 2009, the BBC quoted their daughter,
Brigitta Jacob-Engelken, as saying that she had been told by her
maternal grandmother that Gerda Misch was originally Jewish." According
to the article, Misch's daughter is an architect and has been involved
with restorations of synagogues in Germany. Has anyone on Jewishgen
explored Gerda Misch's ancestry? I would think that if one knew her
maiden name and the town where she was born, her Jewish heritage could
easily be determined. I have no personal connection, but I found the
story fascinating.
All the best,
Mark Strauss in New York City

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