Re: Last Names Used As Middle Names #galicia

Roger Lustig

Could you tell us a little more about the list that included the people you mention
here? Is it an old document or something transcribed more recently?

Tobias Gutman UNTERBERGER was born in Tarnow in 1869, according to
I don't know that "Gutman" was necessarily a surname. (On the other hand, I'm not
prepared to question "BALSAM" in this regard...)

The page you mention (aka gives names >from
Biala (formerly Bielitz), which is a good 55 miles SW of Krakow; Tarnow is more
like 100 miles. I'm not surprised that the names show up in both places--but
several of them show up in many other areas as well. So I'm not sure about
the connection between the first list you mention and the Biala list.

Would be very interested to hear more, though. Jews elsewhere did occasionally
have double surnames, but usually one got dropped after a while.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA

On 9/30/2013 6:03 PM, Marilyn Robinson wrote:
Why would a man use a last name as a middle name. I thought that a middle name
would be based on the father's first name (patronym)? Could it be the mother's
maiden name? For example,I have a few male names >from a list who possibly are
from the Krakow or Tarnow area...

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