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Marilyn Robinson wrote:
Why would a man use a last name as a middle name. I thought that a middle name
would be based on the father's first name (patronym)? Could it be the mother's
maiden name? For example,I have a few male names >from a list who possibly are
from the Krakow or Tarnow area:
Tobias Guttman Unterberger,
Naftali Hirsch Weiser Unterberger
Mendel Balsam Unterberger
Zalmen Zeger Unterberger
I would say these are not "middle names" in the [strange] US sense. These did and
do not exist in Europe.

Since there were many Guttman families, "Guttman of Unterberg" [~~the good man of
the town below the mountain] was used to dissuade confusion. So "Guttman
Unterberger" probably is the family name.

"Naftali Hirsch Weiser Unterberger" This is a special case, as "Naftali" was too
Jewish to be allowed, and "Hirsch" [= a deer] was the logical kinui, as “Naphtali
is a deer sent forth” German: "Naphthali ist ein schneller Hirsch" (Breishies/
Bereshit/Genesis 49:21), so this perhaps is not "Naftali ben Hirsch", but his
civil forename was Hirch, while his Jewish one was Naftali, "Weiser Unterberger"
being the family name.

Say "Zalmen Zeger Unterberger" would mean: "Zalmen" "Zeger Unterberger" or could
be patronimic: "Zalmen ben Zeger" "Unterberger" or with Arameic "bar": "Zalmen bar
Zeger" "Unterberger", But also here "Zeger" could be a diminuative [or kinui] of
Zalmen [= Solomon]. the German? civil authorities not allowing the ben/bar, while
they allowed the German equivalent "Mendelsohn" for "ben Mendel".

All this "probably" and imho.

Many Jewish and non-Jewish ignoble family names started out to be just a
specification [ job, location, physical sign, religion, etc.] for the person
himself, not for the family. The son having another "last" name, and siblings
having different ones.

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