Success story (was "Fake death record?") #general

Nicolas Trokiner

Dear all,

30 months ago, I posted the message here below in the discussion list. Despite the
few testimonies of fake/mistaken records I received, I was still very frustrated.

Few weeks ago, after enjoying incredible new data >from Lodz Book of Residents, I
realized such Book existed for the town of Mogielnica. I placed an order to the
PSA branch holding the Book, and few time and few dollars later, I received the
page for my family.

First, for the first time, I had the proof that my great-grandmother,was the
daughter of her father Haim Josek (which was not that obvious!). Second, it
appeared that Haim Josek was incorrectly reported as dead. In the column dedicated
to comments, the death record reference was crossed out and a comment added:
"moved to Warka".

The birth of my great-grandmother was not probably not declared in Warka, as many
others, and this is why I could not find the record. However, according to the law,
her birth was declared in the city where her parents registered, ie Mogielnica.

Conclusion: these Books of Residents are a true gold mine. And to ensure to make
them available to the all the researchers, and not only through individuals
initiatives like mine, financial contribution is key. I would be more than glad to

Note: to learn more about Books of Residents, see


Nicolas Trokiner

Original message
I've been searching my family for 15 years and never faced such a puzzle. My great-
great-grandfather Haim Josek Goldstein is supposed to be dead in 1923, probably in
Lodz (according to my grandmother who is a very consistent source of information).
His daugther, my great-grandmother, is supposed to be born in 1897. The problem is
that I've just found his death record in Mogielnica, his hometown, in 1891! There
is no doubt about his identity as the record mentioned his wife. Also,I found birth
records for his 3 sons who were born between 1885 and 1890 in Mogielnica too. No
track of my great-grandmother birth record...

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