Re: What Can I Do With Old, Unidentified Family Photographs? #general

Lisa Grayson <lisa@...>

Shelda Bachin Sandler <stanshel@...> wrote:

A few months ago, my cousin moved to Israel. Before she left, she gave
me a true family treasure: a large box of photographs. ...
My problem...I cannot just throw them in the trash!!! Please do not tell me
to make a bonfire and toss them into it. I cannot and will not do that!

Over twenty years ago, I received two boxes of distressed photographs
that had been in my grandparents' house. I didn't know most of the
people in them, and could only guess at their identities. But some were
clearly marked, and provided me with a trail that led to living relatives
I had never met, who, like Ms. Sandler's extended family, were
happy to receive photos >from a hitherto unknown cousin.

After scanning the originals, I donated several photographs of my grandfather's
NY home town, plus scrapbooks he had kept over 100 years ago, to a Long
Island historical society. Ms. Sandler may want to contact the Historical
Society of Pennsylvania ( to see if their curators are interested in
the pictures.

As for the unidentified pictures, as I learned more about my family tree,
I was able to figure out who most of the people were. A year after I posted a
photo of my Berdichev g-g-grandfather to my public Ancestry site, I discovered
that someone else had posted a similar image: my g-grandmother's sister
apparently had a nearly identical photo to the one I inherited, and it had
been passed down to one of her descendants who now lives in Jerusalem!

I of course heartily second Ms. Sandler's refusal to throw the pictures
away. They are surely of value to someone, and who knows where they might lead!

Yours sincerely,
Lisa Grayson
Chicago, Illinois USA

Researching: MARUCHES, FINK, ROSENTHAL in Vilna, Moletai, Grodno,
Sopotskin, =D6zery, Liverpool; LEVIN in Grodno; HIRSCHBERG in Vilna and
Grodno; GOLDMAN in Danzig/Gdansk; ROSENBLOOM in Liverpool; ROSEN and
ROSENKRANTZ in Warsaw; BARMON in Lipno and Rypin; WEINER in Berdichev;
GOLDBERG in Berdichev and Kiev

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