Name: Fryma--Who Is She?? #general

Marilyn Robinson

According to information >from my Uncle, his mother (my gr. grandmother)
was named Fryma.

According to birth records of her twins, she was Fanny.

According to cemetery information there is a woman buried not far >from
my gr.grandfather, named "Annie Cohen" on the headstone, but "Fannie/Fanny Cohen"
on the cemetery death records (for the same person). The Hebrew translation
of this headstone is "Fryma Nechama".

Another of her sons said her name was Florence.

Her daughter (my grandmother) was Fannie, and Fryma's granddaughter was

Could she be a "Fanny" if her daughter was named Fannie?? What other
possibilities are there?

Marilyn Robinson

Searching: UNTERBERGER (Galicia, Austria),KAPELNER (Galicia,
Austria,Tarnow),SHUTZ/SCHULTZ (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow), YUDIN
(Sharkovshchina), LURIA/LURIE/LEVINE (Lodz, Warsaw), REICHMAN (Warsaw),
COHEN (Ostrolenka Russia/Poland)

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