New Dresden KehilaLink #general

Eli Rabinowitz


I wish to introduce my new Dresden kehilalink.

Although I have no immediate past connections to Germany, I am
part of the Rabbinic Katzenellenbogen Family Tree, which dates
back to the locality of Katzenelnbogen in the Prussian province
of Hesse-Nassau >from around the 1300s.

I travelled to Berlin last year and to Freiburg im Breisgau and
Dresden this year, visiting Jewish and other sites and taking
lots of photos. As a result, I decided to volunteer my services to
JewishGen and set up a kehilalink for Dresden, which I have just
completed stage one.

The kehilalink can be accessed at:

with more information at

Here you can also search and view my photos of Berlin and Freiburg
in Breisgau, by entering these city names in the search engine.

I have set up nine other kehilalinks which can be accessed at:

Should you have genealogical or other connections to Dresden, please
email me to see if we can add something of yours to the kehilalink.
I am looking for appropriate memoirs, stories, photos or videos of a
Jewish nature.

My kehilalinks are Jewish community sites where we can share our
stories and which will grow over time.

I look forward to hearing >from you.

Best regards

Eli Rabinowitz

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