City Directory Look-up at NY Public Library #general

Pesha Lea

Does anyone go to the NY Central Library who would be willing to look
up something for me?

The ship manifest of my Grandfathers brother lists 39 Montgomery
Street NY as the place he is going. The person listed is Uncle Harris
Urdisz. I have never heard of Uncle Harris Urdisz. And cannot find
any Urdisz. However now I have a clue. It may be Harris Goodis. If
this can be born out by a reverse look up it would be really exciting.

I am asking for a look up of the address in the 1914 city directory to
see who is listed at that address. Also, one could look up Harris
Goodis (Goodies) in the 1914 directory.

Thank you for any help.

Debbie Estis
Murrieta, CA

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