Re: Divorcees: Galicia, Poland #galicia

Adelle Gloger

Dear Genners,

Marilyn Robinson asked about a divorced woman retaining her ex-husband's
last name or reverting to her maiden name.

Alan Shuchat's response is copied below.

In the case of my paternal grandmother this is what I know.

She was born in Tarnopol in 1873. She married in 1892 and divorced -- I do
not know when. In 1891 before that marriage her parents had a civil
marriage, and at the same time had my grandmother's birth registered with the
civil authorities. I found the civil marriage of her parents, the birth
registration and my grmo's 1892 marriage on JRI-Poland.

She remarried my grandfather in 1901 in Tarnopol using her maiden name.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

Alan Shuchat wrote:

I know of one example, >from Simferopol in 1911, of a record where a divorced
woman remarried. She was listed as the divorced wife of [ex-husband's first
and last name], [her first name and patronymic]. So her maiden name was not
mentioned at all, but neither was she listed independently of her ex-husband.
Her new husband was listed as a widower.
When women were divorced (Tarnow), both religious and civil, did
they retain their married last names or revert to their maiden
names? Did they have a choice? (the timeframe is early 1900's)

Marilyn Robinson

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