Re: Unknown Daughter/Sister--Did She Really Exist? #general

Ann Rabinowitz

The researcher who posted on this topic, Marilyn Robinson, might try looking
for other obits to see if they also state that there was the extra child.
In addition, it would be helpful to locate the estate record or will, if
available, for both of her great grandparents which might mention the
"missing" daughter/sister.

I have found over the years that oftentimes families may not retain the
memory of or know about children who might have remained in "der heim"
(the old country), have been >from a prior marriage, have physical or mental
defects, have married out, or had "farribles" (arguments) with their family.

One incident, I remember vividly, is that one of my relatives did not know
she was a twin as her twin had died shortly after birth and had not been
mentioned ever again. However, when I found her birth record in Lithuania,
there was the twin and his name recorded. I also remember that I found
that my grandmother was known to be one of four sisters only. Imagine my
surprise when I was chatting with an elderly relative who mentioned a fifth
sister Mary who had passed away in "der heim" as a toddler >from an illness
and had not been mentioned again.

Ann Rabinowitz

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