MOSLEY Family of St Holburn, London, England #general

Louise Vernon <loubie.vernon@...>


I have just found out, through a family interview that I have Jewish
ancestry - which was something of a surprise, a pleasant one I might

I have 14 experience in family history but am an absolute beginner in
Jewish research.

The family story says that Rebecca MOSLEY (my ancestor) was disowned
by her family for marrying out of the Jewish faith.

Rebecca MOSLEY married a James NOAKES in 1823 in the church of St
Sepulchre, Holburn, London, Middlesex, she would have been
approximately 18 years old.

If I have the correct family Rebecca's father's name was Charles
MOSLEY and he was gold beater and jeweller in St. Holburn, London.

Charle's father was a Robert MOSLEY who was also involved in the gold
and jewellery trades.

Is there anyone who may be able to help me research this line of
enquiry? I have already searched the databases and contacted a fellow
MOSLEY researcher but as yet I have not received a reply.

Many thanks for reading this email.


Louise Vernon

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