Information about shochets, mashgiachs #general

Jake Jacobs

Is there any compilation of information about shochets or masgiachs, either
in the US or in Hungary? Several of my ancestors were shochets or
mashgiachs, one in the U.S. (arrived Phila. 1887, immediately moved to
Indianapolis); others in Hungary (one born Hernadszentandras 1847, another
born Olaszliszka 1841). I have not found any documentation of their work
itself, my information is based on oral family histories.

Does anybody have suggestions on where I might find documentation of any
kind, other than censuses? Much appreciated --

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas
Researching Jacobs/Goldman/Goldstein/Hantman/Walsky/Alderman/Teicher/Altman/

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