Re: What Family Heirlooms Refugees Take When Fleeing #general

marlene finkelstein

Thank you for the link to this article. I, too, have a heavy brass mortar &
pestle >from my grandmother ( who came >from Kursenai, Lithuania in 1911). I
never knew if it was bought here in the US or brought with her >from Lita as
the only markings are two decorative birds on one side and a four legged
animal on the other. If others share a similar possession, I would love to
learn of their knowledge of the origin and age of the mortar & pestal.
Regardless, I always associate it with my grandmother, look at it every day,
and treasure it.

Marlene Finkelstein
New Jersey

From: "Jan Meisels Allen" <>
The stories and accompanying photos are inspiring and what most
caught my eye was a photo of a heavy mortar and pestle that the
writer's great grandmother took with her >from Warsaw in the early
20th century.

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