Lost & Found: Harris Cohen #general

Marilyn Robinson

Is anyone looking for Harris Cohen? If so, I have copies of his
naturalization papers. He was mistakenly transcribed as "Morris" Cohen
on Ancestry.
Arrived in US-- January (?) 1893 >from Russia
Affidavit filed in NY Supreme Court--May, 18, 1903
David Eisner--Witness

Marilyn Robinson
Searching: Unterberger (Tarnow, Galicia, Austria), Kapelner (Galicia,
Austria,Tarnow), Schutz/Schultz (Galicia, Austria, Ulanow), Yudin
(Sharkovshchina), Luria/Leurie (Lodz, Warsaw), Reichman/Richman (Warsaw,
NY-NJ) Regent (Krakow) Wieser/Weiser (Galicia, Tarnow, other), Balsam
(Galicia), Zager (Galicia)

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