Potential Family Connection to Efrem Zimbalist #general

Mark Strauss

My wife's cousin recently died and he left a memoir that described my
wife's Klubock family history >from Lithuania and Boston. In the memoir,
the cousin mentioned that my wire's great-grandmother, Dora Ringle,
(about 1858-1940), married to Joshua Klubock of Boston, was the first
cousin to the violinist, Efrem Zimbalist. I've researched my wife's
family, and discovered that the Ringle family was >from Vilkaviskis,
Lithuania. Wikipedia shows that Efrem's father was Aron Zimbalist and
Maria Litvinoff. I've not found any more ancestry information about
this family and I have never found information on Dora Ringle's
parents. If anyone has genealogical information that might suggest a
connection, I would appreciate hearing >from you.
Mark Strauss and Jaye Medalia in New York
Researching Klubock >from Nobogroodox, Belarus and Ringle >from
Vilkiviskis, Lithuania

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