thank you #general

Highman Heather

Dear fellow Genners,
I would like to thank all those who have helped me find and advance my family tree,
all the way back to looking for my Ritter family, which the Rubin family did so
much to put me in touch with the children of Eman and Pat Ritter, Lisa and Eric.
as well as all the helpful and kind people of the different Sigs , on the way
thinking laterally, in England,Israel and the States and South America. and just
recently, when I was looking for the marriage certificate of my Neumann
Grandparents, Beth Long and Judy Peterson, and Traude Treibel helped me and found
and sent me the info i was looking for.
A great big thank you to every one, and a happy Chanukah to all,
Best wishes, Heather Highman

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