Re: Massachusetts Death Record 1925 #general

Stephen Katz

In her post of 3 December 2013, Hanna Grossman asked about online indexing of
Massachusetts death records in connection with a relative who she believes died in
Taunton in 1925. Massachusetts death records are indexed online only up to 1920
(they pick up again >from 1970, but that doesn't help Hanna in this case). These
indexes are on genealogical websites such as and;
the official Massachusetts online vital records index, run by the Secretary of
State's office, only goes up to 1910. As Hanna believes her relative died in
Taunton, I would suggest that she first phone the Taunton City Clerk's office.
City and town clerks are often willing to check their records and advise whether
they have the death record (or other vital record) in their files. If so, they will
instruct as to how to obtain a copy. The cost is generally less than the amount
charged by the state's Registry in Boston (see below).

If the Taunton City Clerk's office does not have the record for Hanna's relative,
her other option is to try the state's Registry of Vital Records and Statistics in
Boston, which holds vital records >from 1921 onward (records earlier than that have
been moved to the Massachusetts Archives). Information about how to request records
from the Registry is on its website:
Records can be searched and requested in person at the Registry or requested >from
it by mail. However, to request by mail, Hanna would have to know all the relevant
information, including the date of death; the Registry will not do research. If she
(or someone on her behalf) goes to the Registry, she will be able to search the
index books there and request the record if she finds it. The index books are
organized by decade and then alphabetically by last name. If she does this in
person, she should be aware of the Registry's opening days/times and its other
policies, available on its website.

Stephen KATZ
New York City

Researching: KATZ (Novograd-Volynsk, Ukraine and Boston, Mass.); TEPPER
(Novograd-Volynsk and Rovno (Rivne), Ukraine, and New York City); KAPLAN
(Stakliskes, Lithuania, and central Mass.); KABACHNIK (Butrymonis, Lithuania);
VITKIN (Kaunas, Lithuania, and Boston,Mass.); GREENBERG/BLOCH, Vilna, Lithuania,
and Boston, Mass.); BLUM, LEVINE (Boston, Mass.).

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