Looking for Toffels anywhere! #general

Sheila Toffell

Another Genner and I are trying to locate as many TOFFELS as we can. We
believe there was a family of 11 or 12 siblings, many of whom left Poland at
the turn of the 20th century and lived in the East End of London. Gradually
some left London and came to the USA. Some stayed in the New York City Metro
area; some went to Los Angeles. Maybe at least some of their families remain
in these areas. It is also possible that one sibling went to France.

We have accounted for 6 of the group of siblings, but know very little about
most of the individual families, and are trying to connect with their
descendents and possibly those of the remaining siblings as yet unknown.

Details we have are that the parents of this brood were Yechichel (Chil)
Yosef and Estera (nee Szprycer) Toffel. Common family names could be Abram,
Alfred, Israel, Harry, Rebecca, Lena, Dora, Yosef (or Joe),Chava, Hindela,
Samuel and Morris.

The family lived in the areas of Josefow Nad Wisla and Opole Lubielski in
Lublin Gubernia and Ostrow Mazoweicka in Lomza Gubernia.

If you are part of a Toffel family, or know anyone with that last name, we
would be delighted to hear >from you - wherever you are!

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock, NJ
Formerly of Clapton London E5 England

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