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David Nathan <d.nathan1@...>


I would start with the 1891 census, then 1901 and, finally, the 1911 - the
latest for which details is available. You can find these on the British
Archives site or, I believe, Ancestry.

from the BA site copies can be purchased at about GBP9 plus postage. Also
look at the voters registers for that part of Leeds. These, which are
compiled annually, will be at the Leeds City Library (contact via Google).

Happy hunting,

David Nathan, London UK

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From: Alexander Woodle <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 17:55:28 -0500

My Landman family who came >from Zhvanets and Chortkov were supposedly
descended >from a distinguished rabbinic line. One of them authored the
above named item. A descendant, Lazarus Landman emigrated to Leeds,
England around 1887.

Can anyone shed any light on this family or the written work mentioned
in the subject?

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